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Hey y’all! I’m currently employed full-time as an editor at REI, so I’m not taking on any new freelance clients at the moment. If you want to give me a holler anyway, feel free to drop me a line. I love hearing from people. (Do know that I try to keep my screen time at a minimum when I’m not at work, though, so no timely replies guaranteed!)

You can view more testimonials from people I’ve collaborated with on my portfolio page:

  • “Working with Yitka was a fantastic experience! Her level of service far exceeded our expectations. We were hoping for a careful proofreader, and she was superior, but she did so much more than catch errant spelling. She provided excellent insight on refining the language and flow of the narrative, all while conserving our writing style. She went even further by checking key references, which was far beyond our expectations and so helpful. We were thrilled with the end product and would recommend Yitka very highly to anyone seeking an efficient, knowledgeable and talented proofreader and/or editor!”
    Becky Burton, author at Gus McAllibaster

I quit Facebook, but you can still find me on Instagram and  LinkedIn.

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  1. Kees Slot
    Kees Slot at · Reply

    Hi Yitka,

    We don’t know each other but let me explain.
    The other day I was googling a bit on people I knew a long time ago, including Maike.
    Then I read your blog about the accident in the mountains.
    I left a reaction there inDutch but maybe Maike isn’t looking there very often.
    You may imagine that I’m interested in what happened to her after 1976, when we had contact for the last time. I was living in the same appartment house as she did in Amsterdam and for a while we were good friends.
    What I understood is that she lives in the US, has a daughter (you) and had quite an adventurous life, as the blog tells me.
    I would like to come in contact with her and ask you to help me.
    Would you be so kind to give her my mail adress, and ask her that in the case she doesn’t
    want further contact give a small message, so that I know.
    My adress:
    Thank you for your cooperation and wish Maike a quick recovery.
    Greetings, Kees Slot

  2. Kendall Hunter
    Kendall Hunter at · Reply

    Hello Yitka. I also left you a note on IG so apologies if you are receiving this twice.

    I’m in discussion with Helvetiq for their next Beer Hiking Guide and will be zooming with Richard next week. I’m wondering if I can ask you a quick question about your process. Did you hike all the trails that you wrote about or did you also research some without actually experiencing them. I’m up for doing it all, I’m just trying to gauge the time required and organise accordingly.

    Thanks for any input you have!

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