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  1. Timothy Morgan
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    Are you doing any outdoor recreation writing? The City of Maple Valley is trying to attract some outdoor recreation-based companies such as a mountain bike parts manufacturer since we have over 100 miles of top mountain bike trails in the Puget Sound region located here. The company could use our trails for product testing. The one industry cluster that we are focusing on is Outdoor Recreation however, we believe we have opportunities for other industry clusters as well. King County Parks has invested $10 million to pave three miles of the Green to Cedar Rivers Trail.

    -Top Mountain Biking Trails in the Puget Sound region are located in the Maple Valley area

    a. Henry’s Ridge
    b. Black Diamond Open Space
    c. Summit Ridge
    d. Lake Sawyer
    e. Green River Gorge
    f. Taylor Mountain

    -King County Parks Trail (Green to Cedar Rivers Trail)

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