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The Alchemy of Grief: Race director and runner Elizabeth Reese has a message for the world: running isn’t the same thing as therapy. (Trail Runner/DIRT, 2021)

Small Delights: Sowing seeds of calm in the season of disaster (Trail Runner/DIRT, 2020)

The Ultimate Guide to Olympic National Park: From temperate rainforests to miles of coastline; from waterfalls and lakes to hiking, backpacking, and camping; from boating to skiing to glacier travel and mountaineering—Olympic has astonishing variety. (Outside)

Green Flag, Checkered Flag: Shawna Tompkins spent the first four decades of her life immersed in competitive sprint-car-racing. Then, in 2012, she quit and never looked back. What happened? (Trail Runner/DIRT, 2019)

Just Plain Hard: Even after 20 years, the Plain 100 remains a specimen of old-school ultrarunning at its finest. (Trail Runner/DIRT, 2018)

The Wilderness Within: Deep in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, a motley bunch of runners taps the imaginative realm beyond races on a quest for joy, camaraderie and mysticism. (Trail Runner/DIRT, 2017)

The Siren Song of Mont Blanc: For centuries, climbers, philosophers and poets have proclaimed Mont Blanc a wellspring of enchantment. Now UTMB is spreading the message to runners. (Trail Runner, January 2016)

The Thin Line: What can the trail-running community learn from this year’s tragedy in Patagonia? (Trail Runner, July 2016 View PDF | Read Online)

The Quest to Endure: Kendell Kelton and Shannon Farar-Griefer have never met, but they have one thing in common–tempering a terrible medical diagnosis with a passion for trail running. (Trail Runner/DIRT, 2016: View PDF | Read Online)

Dirty Roots: How Chattanooga transformed itself from a depressed, post-industrial ghost town into trail running’s best kept secret (Trail Runner/DIRT, 2015)

School of Hard Rocks: The Redden children ran ultras at ages 7 and 8. A concerned public criticized their parents, but is trail running the antidote to challenges facing children in our modern world? (Trail Runner, January 2015)

Stranger than Fiction: Five years in the lives of Born to Run’s colorful cast of characters (Trail Runner/DIRT, 2014)

Saving Leadville: The growing pains of Colorado’s legendary “Race Across the Sky” (Trail Runner, January 2013)

The Man Behind the Photo: Ultrarunner David Green’s iPhone snapshot helps nab Boston Marathon bombers (Trail Runner, July 2013)

In Pursuit of Beautiful Sunrises: George Dunn’s 500 Mount Rainier Summits (OutdoorsNW, Winter 2011)

Last Gasp Essays (Trail Runner)

Mythical Mom Superpowers: When I became a mother, and set my sights on my next 100-miler, I dreamt about the performance-enhancing benefits my new status might bequeath.

Better Together

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Chasing Speed

Ultra Drunk

Dumb Luck


Beer Hiking Colorado (Velopress/Helvetiq, December 2019)

Trail Running Illustrated: The Art of Running Free (Mountaineers Books/Helvetiq, November 2021) – Contributed several chapters